Entry #8

zappa blamma :D

2010-04-06 19:44:36 by trig1

So I finally got around to making a website for my art-stuff. It makes me happy :D


At the moment it's just a basic wordpress, but I've got plans to beef it up a little bit.

zappa blamma :D


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2010-04-06 20:15:01

Dinosaur For the Win!


2010-04-06 22:11:14

: D


2010-04-06 22:24:46

That ass looks like a hat and that faggot looks like some kind of dinosaur!


2010-04-07 09:53:11

deep down I knew this news post wouldn't be about Frank Zappa, but I got my hopes up anyway.


2010-04-07 09:59:54

Anyway, despite the lack of Frank Zappa, I for some reason loved the 'tree' picture. I also like the way you drew the lady with the ninja fetus in her.

trig1 responds:

thanks :D
(sorry, the website's kinda lacking Frank Zappa, I should make some sort of tribute to make up for it :P )


2010-04-07 12:10:02

i think jesus can do breakdance


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