Hate against NG?

2007-10-17 16:20:04 by trig1

Whats with all the hate against NG nowerdays? I came across this asshole the other day, preaching about how crappy NG is, and how it has 'sold its soul' because it put a cartoon character on the header. Its their bloody site, why shouldn't they put it on there?

Then he goes on about how that stupid mario thing got on the front page, as if this thing makes any difference at all. Its there as a joke, they wouldnt put anything that wasnt funny (it was hilarious to see how crap it was - and it was to all those people who made that thread) on there, even if there was hundreds of pages of people saying they wanted it. And anyway, this doesnt affect his life, its a link to a movie, no ones forcing him to watch it, its just a joke.

The worst part of all this shit is that he deletes any comment that disagrees with him. He actually says:

**Note: i'm enforcing my policy. Disagree with me, and I delete your post. Just like if you give a negative review on a movie that's 'popular' I'll be the Review Mod to cover it up like a Government conspiracy.**

He censors what people can say about his views. He stops anyone saying anything about it, and so if you go there all you see is this big negative post about NG, and then a bunch of comments saying things like 'yea i h8 ng it sux lol'. I put 2 different comments there (civilised ones - not flaming) saying why he was completely wrong. He deleted them both, like the bitch he is.

NG = Win.



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2007-10-17 16:34:37

Aye i really agree there the Mario Flash may of been crap but the fact it was so bad made it fun to watch :P everyones entitled to say what they think but fact he deletes your posts pff thats dodgey in it self if you cant take someone saying "erm actually your wrong" dont make a post ?


2007-10-17 16:44:03

he sucks, levem alone


2007-10-17 16:49:17

I remember that exact post.
I'll pretty much just copy and paste my reponse:


"Heck, even if most people think Foamy sucks, it's still part of Newgrounds history. I don't see why it's really that bad.

Oh, you think they just front page everything they see? No way. They front page things that get awards and things they think are funny. As mentioned on the front page, the Mario thing was front paged FROM POPULAR DEMAND. Chances are, a lot of people thought it was funny, and I guess so did some of the admins.

And what's this about the Brackenwood guy? You say you could easily do just what he's doing? Go ahead and try to make "the YuYu", why don't you? And even if you could make it, I seriously doubt you could draw everything out as consistently as he does. I'll give you 3 months to make something as insanely perfect as the YuYu, ready set go.

And you're saying if anyone has a negative post, you're just going to delete it saying it's bad? If you can post your opinion, I don't see why anyone replying to this shouldn't. You're just not being fair, to the big-time animators on Newgrounds, to the users, or Newgrounds as a whole."


They responded only to the Brackenwood part, and they said they were just saying the Brackenwood guy should stop trying because his stuff will be overrun in the Top 50 by crap. What the heck? He makes movies because it's fun, not necessarily because he wants awards and attention. And his stuff is far from getting overrun by crap. "Bitey of Brackenwood" has been up around the Top 20 ever since it was submitted several years ago.


2007-10-17 17:27:04

Just ignore those assholes they're the reason why NG might become shit.

Oh and I find it annoying when an amazing flash is out voted by a crappy flash only because of popularity and/or comedy.

(Updated ) trig1 responds:

That was the only part of his post I agreed with. Like that 9/11 slide show - crap, but amazing responce (half the reviews give 10 outa ten and only say "yeah those terrorists r bastards").


2007-10-17 17:45:44

The mario thing got on the front page because BlueHippo made a 6 page thread on the BBS wanting the movie to be front paged.

NG is still awsome, I mean look at tankmen 2.


2007-10-17 19:57:58

well, he does serve minimal point but i like NG no matter what anyone says, does, rapes, elephant power punch and everything like that


2007-10-17 21:05:27

completly agree... people should stop complaining and start making movies instead if they think they can do better...

trig1 responds:



2007-10-29 15:21:24

"If this is "our site", then why can't a movie that has outstanding requests to be front paged actually go on the front page?

Your argument is moot and NG is never going to be run the way you want it too. You act like a whiny little kid. How can you talk about foamy when all the movies you've made are sprites? How can you talk about taking effort to make front page when you haven't even exhorted the effort to make any type of content for newgrounds in the next year.

I'm not a sprite hater and I'm not a foamy lover either, but your views are flawed and everything you have said contradicts yourself. You don't run Newgrounds, and you barely even contribute to it anymore. All you do, like many of the people who make comments below me, is bitch."

He's a contradictory whiner who I remember from when the Sprite Crew was still active. If you're going to rant about something, at least try to be consistent in your views.

trig1 responds:

I know, he was completely random with his views.


2007-11-02 16:26:34

that guy should just quit newground if he hate it so much

Newgrounds is just a place to show other your work not hate everybody because you saw one of their movies and thought it sucks so they start complaining


2007-11-03 12:33:40

The truth is that he's jealous that someone with decent opinions (illwillpress) can GET on the front-page :P.