zappa blamma :D

2010-04-06 19:44:36 by trig1

So I finally got around to making a website for my art-stuff. It makes me happy :D

At the moment it's just a basic wordpress, but I've got plans to beef it up a little bit.

zappa blamma :D

Wireworld Sim :D

2009-06-24 17:22:04 by trig1

I made a wireworld sim, which essentially is a (unbelievably basic) computer (it's Turing complete).

How to use: use the drop down box to select what type of cell you want to draw. Draw on the grid on the left using the mouse. Clean turns all the electron heads and tails into conductors in case you want to edit it without the electrons flying about. I'll let you work out what pause/play and the save/load buttons do :)

Wireworld is a type of cellular automaton, where the rules are quite simple. There are 4 types of cell: Empty (black in my sim), conductor (white), electron head (blue) and electron tail (grey). Each frame/generation this happens:

- Electron heads become electron tails.
- Electron tails become conductors.
- Conductor cells become electron heads if one or two (not if its more than 2) of the adjacent cells are electron heads.
- Empty cells always stay empty.

With this you can make (in theory, if the area was large enough) pretty much anything (memory, advanced calculations etc). But so far, I've only made logic gates (here's a XOR gate - put the whole code into the save/load text area and hit load), and a flip-flop timer.

Somebody even made a computer that works out prime numbers in another wireworld sim, which is pretty damn impressive (even if it does take about a day to get up to double digits lol). As you might expect, you need to wait about 10-15 minutes for it to work out anything as wireworld is very slow.

The source of my simulation can be found here.


2008-05-10 17:24:59 by trig1

Stopped doing flash for now. Might come back, but at the moment given up.

Hate against NG?

2007-10-17 16:20:04 by trig1

Whats with all the hate against NG nowerdays? I came across this asshole the other day, preaching about how crappy NG is, and how it has 'sold its soul' because it put a cartoon character on the header. Its their bloody site, why shouldn't they put it on there?

Then he goes on about how that stupid mario thing got on the front page, as if this thing makes any difference at all. Its there as a joke, they wouldnt put anything that wasnt funny (it was hilarious to see how crap it was - and it was to all those people who made that thread) on there, even if there was hundreds of pages of people saying they wanted it. And anyway, this doesnt affect his life, its a link to a movie, no ones forcing him to watch it, its just a joke.

The worst part of all this shit is that he deletes any comment that disagrees with him. He actually says:

**Note: i'm enforcing my policy. Disagree with me, and I delete your post. Just like if you give a negative review on a movie that's 'popular' I'll be the Review Mod to cover it up like a Government conspiracy.**

He censors what people can say about his views. He stops anyone saying anything about it, and so if you go there all you see is this big negative post about NG, and then a bunch of comments saying things like 'yea i h8 ng it sux lol'. I put 2 different comments there (civilised ones - not flaming) saying why he was completely wrong. He deleted them both, like the bitch he is.

NG = Win.


Learning C++

2007-08-02 15:36:43 by trig1

I'm now starting to learn C++ (to you non-programming-language-aware people, its a hardcore programming language). Its pretty scary. Its a gigantic step up from AS2 and 3.

Anyways, what's with the 50 gazzilion different filetypes? Its crazy. And you gotta deal with memory and all this kinda major computing stuff. Its much, much harder and more confusing than I've done with flash. But the outcomes are gunna be a lot more advanced than any flash stuff (if I'm able to learn fully).

And Visual C++ is very odd, and very confusing. Probably the rest of the summer is gunna be me learning it, which would be annoying. But I'm enthusiastic about learning it. It'd be a great step up.

I've got a couple of books about it from my dad, as well as me asking him what the hells going on half the time. Any more suggestions on resourses ('part from C++: Main)?

Tutorial collab!

2007-07-24 16:31:19 by trig1

OMG THE TUTORIAL COLLAB '07 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!111!!!33!!!!O NE!!!

Deppy made another one, it pretty decent. I already scooped up 4 parts (I woulda picked more, but 4 is the maximum) - 3 AS3 ones and a AS2 one (that I've already completed).

Theres actually quite a few parts up for grabs if you want them - only experienced scripters and artists apply though.

Still sploring...

2007-07-20 11:22:39 by trig1

Found a couple cool things in this redesign mess:

The crazy staff page
The fact that you can mod this commenty stuff (bans, deletes, that kinda thing)
The cool user banner thing (comments, anyone?)

Still got a couple of niggles though - you cant see the | bar thing while you type, so you dont know where you're typing, and its very hard to find peoples BA, and quite a few broken links.

But its mainly cool.

Redesign MADNESS!

2007-07-18 11:35:42 by trig1

Ok. This is wierd. The redesign is EVERYWHERE! There is no escape! This user page looks a lot like deviant arts. Well, I like it (if it ran faster).

Anywho, new game! Sync n' Swing, go review.

Now I'm off to explore some of this weird new site.